No need to Stress

The gift of healing touch is one of the greatest to receive.

Through touch we are connected

It is our most basic instinct to reach out to others. Indeed from birth we first reach for our mother: she who is our protector and our comfort. All cultures throughout history know a method of healing through body therapy modalities. I hold that same belief - that one of the main pillars of wellness is to receive healing touch, which also connects us to another human being. Through others, we seek - and find - care, love, refuge and healing.  Its incredibly important to be held at all times in life, especially while you are creating space for another life.

My practice with massage has been learned through the experience of receptivity; those things that feel good have taught me more about how to care for my own body, and in turn others' bodies, and I've completed training to practice Reiki. For 8 years I've been receiving body work from exceptionally well-versed and knowledgable healers; massage therapists of all backrounds, acupuncturists, chiropractors and osteopaths. 

Throughout that time, I have been giving massage casually and have received such supportive feedback that I feel called to pursue healing touch in a more meaningful way. In September I started my 250 hour program at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute to pursue formal education. I’m nearly completed the 250 program, and I've finished my pregnancy massage training - I am so happy to have the knowledge of how to care for expectant mothers. So, I invite you to join me - find your haven and a pathway to your wellness.

To be human is to be touched.
— Chuck Blitz (Santa Barbara father of 3)

  • Any person experiencing pain or lack of mobility in all walks of life

  • Pregnant women

  • The partners of those women who are expecting

  • Children who appreciate healing touch

  • New infants and babies who have just made their epic journey to this planet

  • Mothers who are recovering from delivery

Healing Touch is for everyone

Healing services offered:

1. In-home

Regular and Pregnancy Hour.5: $150

TwoHour: $220


Let me take you deep into inner-space. During these sessions I open lines of communication throughout your body, release triggered areas while respecting injuries, and circulate energy throughout your system. My technique has been cultivated through years of self-exploration and interacting with many bodies, receiving massage from exceptionally gifted healers and through my own familiarity with reiki, reflexology and body mechanics. You'll receive a thoroughly relaxing full body massage.

For those women who are expecting a new baby, you are welcome to book a Pregnancy Massage with me -and if you are interested in more information around how I can assist your delivery, Contact Me.


2. Moon Massage

Hour: $100

Hour.5: $150

For all the lovely ladies out there experiencing the symptoms of your menses. There is a wide range of symptoms that come up during our moon cycle, including but not limited to; nausea, bloating, intestinal distress, cramps, mood swings, and the list goes on. This massage is tailored directly to helping your body eliminate discomfort with only the medicine of healing touch used knowledgeably. Come, ease your discomfort and be cared for. Now offering recurring massage appointments so you can start to learn how to track your cycle, be prepared for it, and know that alleviation is there for you. To sign up to for recurring appointments, please contact me!


3. Event Massages

Hour of 20 or 30-minute time slots: $100

Now available for massage at your event! I'm happy to work in your home, place of business, party, or other event where you know your participants will appreciate healing touch. You have the option of paying up front for a certain amount of time slots at $20 for 20 minute mini sessions, OR I can just come with my table and a sign up sheet to be used at your guests leisure. Contact me if you have an event coming up!


4. Self-Massage Workshop

Small group 1 hour $25/person**

One on one 1 hour $100

In your day to day life, its important to be familiar with the feel of your own body. And as I always say - no one knows your body like you do. My class gives you hands on direction in the exploration of all the nooks and crannies of your body. I demonstrate techniques for working with areas of the body that typically hold tension, either with your own hands, or with the help of a prop. In this way, I give you tools to heal yourself. Now in my own humble opinion, there is a special balance between self-healing and the relaxation that comes with receiving massage from another person, however they are both very important tools in the upkeep of your body. I offer one-on-ones or group workshops; you can visit my schedule by clicking here.


Dive into a richly connecting experience with your loved one as I lead you in learning how to familiarize yourself with your and your partner’s body, and become comfortable with giving healing touch. We go over grounding exercises, acupressure points, massage techniques and Thai Yoga postures specifically for opening up the hips and supporting the nervous and reproductive systems.

5. Partner Massage Workshops

3 hours, $300 per couple


**Please contact me with an questions or if you'd like to book a group session for you and your friends, or for events.