Whether you're a seasoned parent or completely new to the game, it  always helps to know where you can reach out to.

This is a comprehensive and evolving list of resources in the Santa Barbara area (unless otherwise indicated) recommended by many families and professionals. Please let me know of any other resources or recommendations you may have to add to this list!

Medical and Recovery Based Sources

Santa Barbara Birth Center - midwife assisted birthing center

sbbirthcenter.org     (805) 770.3700

La Leche League - internationally known breastfeeding support network


Bini Birth - LA Based birth center


Birth Matters - Tracy Schmidt, birth educator 


Infant Times and Growing Times - SBCC Adult Ed extended learning parenting classes


Prenatal/Postpartum Pilates - Lindsay Chaffin 

alignedpilatesstudio.com     (805) 704.9846

Prenatal Yoga - Siddhi


Postpartum Doula - Elena Shelton DONA certified

(805) 708.5768

Prenatal/Postpartum Osteopathy - Tim Schultz DO cranio osteopathy

(805) 966.0055

Prenatal/Child/Infant -Friendly Chiropractor - Jacob Martin 

ischiro.com     (805) 285.2715

Prenatal Acupuncture - Abby Rapport

abbyrapp.com     (805) 628.2142

Herbal Remedies for Healing - Pura Luna Women's Apothecary

puralunaapothecary.com     (805) 450.2484

Support Groups

PEP - Postpartum Education for Parents plus postpartum distress support

sbpep.org     (805) 564.3888

Mama Toto - attachment parenting support 


ICAN - International Cesarean Awareness Network



Tinkle Belle Diaper Service - Cloth Diaper Supplier 

tinklebellediaperservice.com     (805) 448.4312

Family Centric Businesses

Peanuts Maternity and Kids - 9 East Figueroa St

Polar Bear - 726 Anacapa St

Chicken Little - 1236 State St

Happy Little Hippo - 2919 De La Vina St

Mely's Fashions - 1416 San Andres St

Janie & Jack - 110 South Hope St h127

Summer for Kids - 1235 Coast Village Rd

Toy Crazy - 1026 Coast Village Rd

Two Owls Boutique - 1221 State St

Go! - La Cumbre Plaza

Toys 'R Us Express - La Cumbre Plaza