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I've been working with families for half my life...

Fourteen years have been dedicated to my quest to support families as they transition into the sometimes strange new landscape of parenthood and child-rearing. I hold great respect for this calling, as its through raising our children that we shape the future. More to the point, I hold the belief that wellness inhabits all of life. As a persona or as a parent, it is both attainable and crucial to find support in one's community, and to be cared for. 

Summer of 2018 I began my classes to work toward earning my Massage Practitioners License; in fact, I've finished my Pregnancy Massage training and a 250 hour Swedish program! I’m continuing my education in massage and delving into Watsu, which is a beautiful form of massage in warm water. You can support my mission by hiring me for private body work, joining yoga classes or by donating to my GoFundMe campaign, where I'm raising funds to attend Yoga Teacher Training and continue to go to massage school. I know education is the backbone to affecting real change in the world; help me reach my goal by donating, sharing, or by coming to me for private body work or mindful movement classes! Keep an eye on our calendar, so you know when I'm hosting or working at events that you can join.